[ Top Up Regulations ]

Gladiators Ragnarok Online is absolutely free. All gifts specified are voluntary and by giving, you permit and approve that the gift is non-refundable. Particular donations will be used to ease the pay for server and fees for hosting as well as server upgrades, advertising and other expenses.

Despite our proposal to maintain a server without pay-to-win, we have huge monthly expenses with the server, with that in mind we choose this system of donations integrated within the game.

Donating any amount you will receive a quantity of donation credits that can be exchanged by some visual items, vip tickets, stuffs among other cosmetic items.

* Agreement Strategy *

Legitimacy :

Please provide the necessary details when purchasing items. GladiatorsRO has all the rights to nullify or decline any transactions when it sees that there are probable grounds to doubt that the given information is insufficient and inadequate.

Data Guarantee :

Any personal detail provided or asked for by the server will be kept confidential.

Refunds/Donates :

All purchased items or donations & Gifts made for the server are non-refundable. Please do remember that by giving a gift means you are helping to keep GladiatorsRO afloat and we consider it all as a token of gratitude for supporting us and for the betterment of one community.

Lost Purchased :

Be reminded that GladiatorsRO will not be held liable of any funds/gifts/items were to be lost due to any reason (Hacking/Scamming). It is your responsibility to secure your own account.

Thank you for your support to Gladiators Ragnarok Online.

God Bless and more power.

Minumum Donation

PHP : 300 = 300 Points

Paypal Donation