Server Information

Gladiators Ragnarok Online is a free server that focuses on a classic Pre-Renewal play style. With our increased experience classic low rates, you're able to level up your characters much faster. However you have to work to build up your gear with our classic rate drop rates. We aim the classic feeling gameplay that means there is absolutely no pay-to-win on GladiatorsRO and there never will be.

Basic Information

Server Rates Other Info
Base/Job EXP Rates: 1000.00x Max Level: 99/70
Normal Item/Card Drop Rates: 1000.00x Max Stats: 99
Boss Item/Card Drop Rates: 1000.00x Instantcast: 150 DEX
MVP Card Drop Rates: 1.00x Max ASPD: 190
    Other: Pre-Renewal (Transcendence Class)
    Security: Gepard Shield 3.0

Player Commands

@commands @rates @refresh @uptime @showdelay @whereis @whodrops @listebg @hideview @packetfilter @jailtime @mobinfo @showview @loyalty @joinbg @leavebg @sp @joindice @ab @security

Gepard Commands

@lgp @square @circle @aoes @shake !ping !vsync

Server Features

Pre-Renewal: Have Rebirth/Trans Classes
Instant Job Changer Warper PVP Warper
Card Store A-Z Costume Clown Maker Fashionist
Bot Checker Platinum Skill Battle Grounds 2.0
Auto Event Vote for Points MVP Shop / Hourly Shop
KOE 2.0 Healer  

Features Server Modification

Map PK on when mvp alive.
Asura Strike : Decreased damage by 15% (PVP & BG).
Asura Strike : Decreased damage by 10% (WOE)..
Cart Termination : Increased damage by 10% (PVP & BG).

>>Items Modifications<<